I find western converts to buddhism and eastern religions still retain a sense of ego……….?

and preach buddhism just like the western christian fanatics. Why can’t they let go of the ego even after claiming belief in buddhism? Does it take generations to reach that point where you donot view yourself above anyone else? Does a meat diet have anything to do with it? How can a person learn to be sensitive to everyone’s feelings without caring for all of gods sentient beings? I am dissappointed that the dalai lama consumes meat occassionaly too despite preaching peace to everyone! Yet i see hindus adfamant in their vegetarianism, why do buddists deny that what guides you inside is the very presence of god in you! How can buddhism so blatantly pick up every hindu belief and then deny god to appeal to the atheists of this world?

Put those thoughts aside and remember what you believe, and care about. forget what others say that annoy you and embrace the beauty of your soul and remember that there is peace and love all around you. Travel on your road and push aside all the others that do not share that road.

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