Evolution for a Western Buddhist

IMG 0218 1024x768 Evolution for a Western Buddhist

The operation of any mechanism is difficult at first until you get used to the pattern of movement. First job for a Western Buddhist is to implement change. Nature abhors a vacuum, meaning that which stands still for too long will be changed. In a few hours, this article will seem insignificant once you slip back into the pattern of comfort you’ve spent this lifetime creating. You thought it required adjustment, keep reading and we’ll arrive at a starting point together.

Ignorance challenges change on all levels. Developing skill diminishes ignorance which is how you know Skill is good. The Skill I speak of here is the knowledge of how to control the mind and the thought which move through it constantly. Increasing control over your mind will place an enormous drain on your comfort zone. Like the Dope fiend whose pants are stained with seaman, simply changing your pants will not stop the habit of comfort.

In fact we change all of time, from minute to minute hour to hour. Our finger nails grow, as does our hair. Enjoying change is a different process to what your used to. The more mind control you poses, the less life’s adversities will drag you down. We spend so much time recycling thoughts about not getting what we want, if you can try to keep record or how many of these thoughts you have, the number will surprise you. Buddhism’s is underpinned by a strategy to achieve unbinding. Unbinding from sadness or the cause of your sadness.

Sacrifice is the foundation of political office, sacrifice your friends, family and the bank accounts of contributors expecting you to change laws to favour their endeavours. Fame and fortune are the desire of many, realised by less than 0.00002% of people world wide, makes you wonder why we spend so much time lamenting what we never had. A substantial amount of your sadness is rendered to you by TV Broadcast Networks. The News alone manufactures a sack of sadness large enough to retard the conscience of our planet. As a Western Buddhist it is important to know what your up against on your journey to unbinding from sadness.

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