khmer buddism in korean 003.flv

2 khmer buddism in korean 003.flv012351905, buddism, in, korean, 003khmer buddism in korean 003.flv

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Chinese Buddism Dance (the feitian dance)

2 Chinese Buddism Dance (the feitian dance)“feitian” is a character of Buddhism, the feitian dance is to impersonate the feitian girls flying in the sky.

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Buddhist Dr. Robert Thurman on Tiger Woods Apology and Buddism

2 Buddhist Dr. Robert Thurman on Tiger Woods Apology and BuddismBuddhist Dr. Robert Thurman on Tiger Woods Apology and Buddism

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Buddist Temple

2 Buddist TempleWe had a field trip the other day and we went to several places. One of the places was a Buddist temple. The cool thing was that this is a temple the people really go to, and not necesarily a tourist trap. The girls in front of the statues were copying the stutues for pictures.

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Buddism 3 (Monk gets married, Title Sequence)

2 Buddism 3 (Monk gets married, Title Sequence)“Act Normal” Documentary by Olaf de Fleur, more info on: “”

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Diamond Sutra 1-1 by Hyon Gak snim (S.Korean Buddism)

2 Diamond Sutra 1 1 by Hyon Gak snim (S.Korean Buddism)Venerable Hyon Gak Sunim – was born Paul Muenzen in 1964 to a family of devout Catholics in New Jersey, U.S.A. His mother is a PhD in biochemistry, and his father was an executive at a prominent American computer company, and later founded his own company. He has eight brothers and sisters.

He is currently the Head Teacher of the Zen hall at 500 year-old Hwa Gye Sah Temple in the Sam Gak Sahn Mountain range, outside Seoul, South Korea. In August 2001, he received inka, certifying his enlightenment, by Zen Master Seung Sahn the 78th Patriarch in a lineage stretching back to Shakyamuni Buddha.

Educated in philosophy and literature at Yale University (Class of 1987) and comparative religions at Harvard Divinity School (’92), Ven. Hyon Gak Sunim was ordained in 1992 in the temple of the Sixth Patriarch, Nam Hwa Sah Temple on Chogye Mountain in Guangzhou , People’s Republic of China: he was the first Westerner to be ordained in China since the Communist Revolution. (The name he received from Zen Master Seung Sahn, “Hyon Gak,” means “endlessly profound enlightenment.”)

He received Bikkhu precepts at the Diamond Altar of Tong Do Sah Temple in Korea, one of the most sacred sites in the nation, and has been doing training in various remote mountain places, including 3 intensive 100-day solo retreats and some 15 group 3-month intensive meditation retreats .

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