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In the Pali Canon, Buddha talks of developing skill.  Therefore a Western Buddhist develops skills.  It is surprising how ignorant and emotional people are when any conversation about money arises.  From the arising of skill comes the arising of knowledge.  From the stopping of ignorance comes the stopping of clumsy action!  Bank loans can be an emotionally challenging experience.  Banks make money when you take their money.  This means most likely they want you to take out a loan as much as you want to spend the money.  They really don’t care about what you spend the money on unless the sum to be borrowed is considerable.  Then they will want security…

We forget about the interest the banks attach to their offering.  This is where the Western Buddhist applies some skill.  Others think only thinking of getting the loan and how to spend it, a Western Buddhist is calculating the interest and shopping around for a better deal, and even negotiating interest rates.  Emotion  retards our vision of what will happen in the future.  With the illusion of compound interest most Banks set-up the Borrower to payback approximately 50% of the principle as interest.  An example of this; a $20,000.00 loan creates $10,000.oo interest which means you pay $30,000.oo in total.

Does knowing this fact make people think twice about taking the banks money, unfortunately no.  Emotion controls most peoples desire to spend money on stuff.  They will happily sign a pieces of paper contracting them to pay the bank $10,000.oo for doing almost nothing.  Fractional reserve lending means a bank only has to have a fraction of the money it loans out.  Some Banks operate at a ratio of 40 to 1.  Using the $20,000.oo example; 1/40th of the principle amount is $500.  So the bank only needs $500 to legally collect a $10,000.oo  interest payment from you.  Surprisingly your bank is handing you borrowed  money from a larger Bank or Central Bank, with the expectation you will them $10,000.oo interest for what I am not sure.  Either way if you borrow $20,000.oo you’ll payback $30,000, and the bank only need $500 to collect $10,000 from you as an interest payment.

Buddha realized developing skill would diminish ignorance.   He called this “right thought” which is a component of the Noble Eight Fold Path.  Skill demands to get a bank loan you must develop knowledge of fractional reserve lending and how it works.  “Right Thought” & “Right Action” are skill dependent.  Bank loans are created from credit released from a Central Bank.  How does the Bank create this credit.  As a Western Buddhist if considering Borrowing some of the Bank’s Credit; it is your duty to increase your skill in this arena.  Ignorance is not a defense with Buddhism or a court of law.

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Evolution for a Western Buddhist


IMG 0218 1024x768 Evolution for a Western Buddhist

The operation of any mechanism is difficult at first until you get used to the pattern of movement. First job for a Western Buddhist is to implement change. Nature abhors a vacuum, meaning that which stands still for too long will be changed. In a few hours, this article will seem insignificant once you slip back into the pattern of comfort you’ve spent this lifetime creating. You thought it required adjustment, keep reading and we’ll arrive at a starting point together.

Ignorance challenges change on all levels. Developing skill diminishes ignorance which is how you know Skill is good. The Skill I speak of here is the knowledge of how to control the mind and the thought which move through it constantly. Increasing control over your mind will place an enormous drain on your comfort zone. Like the Dope fiend whose pants are stained with seaman, simply changing your pants will not stop the habit of comfort.

In fact we change all of time, from minute to minute hour to hour. Our finger nails grow, as does our hair. Enjoying change is a different process to what your used to. The more mind control you poses, the less life’s adversities will drag you down. We spend so much time recycling thoughts about not getting what we want, if you can try to keep record or how many of these thoughts you have, the number will surprise you. Buddhism’s is underpinned by a strategy to achieve unbinding. Unbinding from sadness or the cause of your sadness.

Sacrifice is the foundation of political office, sacrifice your friends, family and the bank accounts of contributors expecting you to change laws to favour their endeavours. Fame and fortune are the desire of many, realised by less than 0.00002% of people world wide, makes you wonder why we spend so much time lamenting what we never had. A substantial amount of your sadness is rendered to you by TV Broadcast Networks. The News alone manufactures a sack of sadness large enough to retard the conscience of our planet. As a Western Buddhist it is important to know what your up against on your journey to unbinding from sadness.

I find western converts to buddhism and eastern religions still retain a sense of ego……….?

and preach buddhism just like the western christian fanatics. Why can’t they let go of the ego even after claiming belief in buddhism? Does it take generations to reach that point where you donot view yourself above anyone else? Does a meat diet have anything to do with it? How can a person learn to be sensitive to everyone’s feelings without caring for all of gods sentient beings? I am dissappointed that the dalai lama consumes meat occassionaly too despite preaching peace to everyone! Yet i see hindus adfamant in their vegetarianism, why do buddists deny that what guides you inside is the very presence of god in you! How can buddhism so blatantly pick up every hindu belief and then deny god to appeal to the atheists of this world?

Put those thoughts aside and remember what you believe, and care about. forget what others say that annoy you and embrace the beauty of your soul and remember that there is peace and love all around you. Travel on your road and push aside all the others that do not share that road.

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are there any westerners here who are Buddhists but don’t practice Western Buddhism?

I’m a 16 year old Westerner, And I want to practice more traditional Buddhism. Particularly Tibetan Buddhism.
ifoughtyoutube that’s very ignorant.

Several forms of traditional Buddhism are available in the West. These include Tibetan, Zen, and Pure Land Buddhism.

The most widely-taught version of Theravada Buddhism – Insight – has been adapted to make is practices more easily accepted in the West. As a result, it has dropped many of its traditional aspects.

Tibetan and Zen Buddhist centers are widespread. Pure Land centers tend to be less common and to focus more on supporting the needs of ethnic Asian communities.

If you need help finding a community near you, feel free to contact me.

Best wishes on your path!

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What is the most common sect of buddhism followed by the western world?

It is very difficult to find reliable information about that, partly because it is so difficult to define who is and who is not a buddhist in the West today. Some are devout buddhists, some mix different buddhist traditions, some even mix different religions, some are mainly buddhist but pick and choose their own understanding of what it means, some use buddhist methods and inspiration without calling themselves buddhists, and many people sympathize with buddhism and are maybe inspired by reading some popular books by famous buddhists like the Dalai Lama, without practicing anything from the buddhist teachings.

That said, we can see three major waves of buddhism coming to the West:
1. in the first half of the 20 century, the Theravada teachings totally dominated the scene, often mixed with theosophy and spiritualism
2. after WWII, and especially in the 50s and 60s, Zen became popular, among other things through the beat poets and the Japanese martial arts.
3. after 1959 and the subsequent exile of the major part of the great Tibetan masters, and especially the last two or three decades (one milestone was the Nobel’s Peace Prize of the Dalai Lama in 1989), the Tibetan teachings have more and more become the probably most popular and widespread form of buddhism, if you see the West as a whole.

These three traditions are still the three major players on the Western buddhist scene, even if a lot of other buddhist traditions have also had some success, like Chinese Ch’an (from which Zen originated), Chinese and Japanese Pure Land, Japanese Nichiren, and so on.

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Why is Buddhism so better and different from Western religions?

Buddhism is against greed, for peace and happiness now. Buddhism isn’t for killing and colonizing other peoples.

Now, why is Buddhism so much better than Western religion?
Far more violence/wrong on this world was done in the name of any Western religion compared to Buddhism!

the morals and ideals are totally different from most western religions. The funny thing is, Judeism, Christianity and Islam all stem from the same thing at the end of the day.
I think Buddhism is more relivant in the world of today than it ever has been.

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How does non-western traditions such as Buddhism address person hood?

In Buddhism there is no self. There is no soul.

In Hinduism, people have jivas (souls) but all souls belong to Brahma.

In Confucianism, there is no concept of a soul and afterlife or god/s.

In Taoism, all belongs to Tao.

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Does Western Buddhism no have rules against certain sex acts e.g. oral?

Im considering Buddhism however I don’t feel I fully agree on some of the rules against sexual practices. I do not see any harm in acts so as oral, anal (hetero and homo sexual intercourse) or others.

I heard Western Buddhism allows the practitioner his choice on what counts as sexual misconduct. Is this correct or is Buddhism not the religion for me?
Apparently the current dali lama stated that these acts where classed as misconduct.

By Western Buddhist I take this to mean these self styled westerners who set themselves up with profit in mind and generally make it up as they go along
When I first opened this account I challenged all so called Buddhist to come and state where and when they took their Precepts The answers were abysmal One who terms himself an ex Abbot couldn’t even explain properly the Five Precepts and disappeared of the question when challenged
So because these so called western Buddhist say a thing is permissible doesn’t necessarily make it correct
For Monastics it is very strict but I am assuming you are referring to Lay Buddhist
For Lay Buddhists there are Five Precepts and the Third States
I undertake to observe the Precept to refrain from sexual misconduct
The Dali Lama does not speak for Buddhists He is Illuminati and for me can go and take a run and jump
Buddhists do don’t have an issue with the Gay Community They have loving and meaningful relationships like the rest of us
Misconduct for me would mean Any act or thought that courses disease in the mind
All of us know without the lectures when we are about to overstep the mark and it is up to the individual to decide this for themselves
I wish you well

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What is Western Buddhism?

In other words, what is the sect of Buddhism called when you focus less on prayer, scriptures and the theistic aspect of Buddhism and more on the mental mind. I know there are different sects of Buddhism, and since I am a Western Buddhist what is this sect called, that is if it has a title?
I know that Buddhism is an non-theistic religion, but in certain cultures like in Asia, they focus more on prayer than western Buddhist.

There are probably a few different ones that would suit you. Offhand, I’d recommend taking a look at zen; it tends to be pretty stripped-down compared to other sects, focusing more on meditation and very little on scripture, although some places can be pretty ritualistic with their chanting and such. I’d recommend looking for Buddhist discussion boards to ask this question and looking for different Buddhist groups in your area; you can probably find more westernized versions of several different sects if you live in a populated area.

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Balancing Buddhism With My Western Teenage Lifestyle?

I have friends that like to drink and do some drugs. I have a girlfriend that I am sexually active with. I frequently go out with my friends and hit on other women. I know these behaviors must end, but how can I keep my friends and live a Buddhist lifestyle?

Any advice would be appreciated. I need to make big changes in my life for my emotional health and happiness.

Buddhism does not really prevent you from have the fun you are having. So do what ever you want and knock your self out.

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