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If I wanted to convert to buddism, what would I have to practice and what are their beliefs?

I just want any information on Buddism, what do they believe in, do they believe in any certain god(s), what are their practices?

Buddhism is something you do, not convert to. It’s like studying cognitive science, only more complete.
There are thousands of sects. I studied several of the main ones in my youth and settled on the one I will briefly describe because it includes all the lessons of the others without the elitism, secrecy, and mystification.

The founder of the Buddhism never wanted anything but to help everyone overcome the four sufferings of birth, sickness, aging, death.
He studied with numerous masters and underwent many privations until he realized that they didn’t hold the answers he was seeking. So he determined to find them on his own.
When he broke through and tried to teach the grand lessons he had learned, no one understood him. They weren’t ready to abandon incremental steps for a big journey. They weren’t ready to accept responsibility for their own lives as long as there were so many concepts around to enforce dependency.
So he started to develop expedient means with which to lead people to their freedom from delusions.
Because people are so different, he had to use many different means. That is one reason the sutras seem so confusing.
Eventually, as he was heading toward the end of this life, he began to tie it all together. He connected the dots. Those connected dots became the allegorical Lotus Sutra.
The Lotus Sutra contains all the means he developed and much more.
It was difficult to understand if you didn’t have the ability to withdraw from daily life for twenty, or thirty years.
In the thirteenth century, one man reconnected the dots in a way that would enable ordinary people AND rich geniuses to realize everything, if they were willing to make the effort.
This monk, blew all the partial and misleading answers out of the water, so the partial and misleading sects immediately had the government, with which they were in cahoots, attack him. Governments are interested in controlled populations, not free thinking, self-controlled individuals.
It didn’t work. The multiple attempts on his life and the thirty years of harsh persecution didn’t prevent Nichiren from realizing his determination. He manifested his learning on a single page of reference called a gohonzon and many letters and treatises.About 700 survived the times and cover-up attempts.
Today his teaching is being propagated in 192 countries by SGI.

The practice has to do with deciding to try it, become a freer human, decide on the goals of ones life, and using the mantra developed by Nichiren (Nam Myoho Renge Kyo) with determination to win. SGI has some mistakes in the translations into English because they use religious terminology for activities that have nothing to do with obeisance to a deity, or asking for benefit from a superior being, or having faith. This is because most authoritative translating dictionaries were compiled by Christian missionaries. Other than that, it is the most pro-human, freedom generating, self-respect enhancing group on Earth. The kicker is that what they teach enables people to generate pleasant coincidences because a brain that is getting un-deluded is better at generating benefit. While people are doing that, they are also forming a network to create peace in the world.

There is a brief summary you can google called, "quickly+transcend+your+circumstances"

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Buddism – The Three Jewels

2 Buddism   The Three JewelsA wee project for RMPS (yes, it does suck)

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JMC,first time of Khatina Buddism Celemony.

2 JMC,first time of Khatina Buddism Celemony.bushidoJMC, buddist, celemony, buddha, africa, johannesburge, jmc, dmcJMC,first time of Khatina Buddism Celemony.

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Tibetan Buddism Refuge Ceremony

2 Tibetan Buddism Refuge CeremonyI officially took refuge under Tibetan Buddhism on April 28, 2008. The ceremony was performed by the Venerable Tulku Pema Rinpoche, the Abbot of Tana Monastery.

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Are there any coming of age ceromonies in Sikhism and Buddism?

If there are what happens in them, etc. Or not?

For Sikhs, it is the Dastar Bandhi Ceremony (Turban Tying) -

Usually, when a Sikh boy reaches a certain age, usually 11 to 16, a turban ceremony is performed for the child. This ceremony can be held at the Gurdwara or at any place where the Guru Granth Sahib is installed.

At this ceremony, Ardas is recited and then the child’s first turban is ceremonially tied on by the Granthi, or a Sikh elderly person. This ceremonly designates the respect with which the turban is regarded. Moreover, this ceremony is usually attended by family members, and friends.

Buddhism does not have a coming of age ceremony as such.

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Is buddism accepted only by the asian race?

Answers and feedback please.

Not at all, Buddhism is all about peace and being one with another. There are all races excepted in Buddhism, but you just see asians more often due the the fact that the religion itself originated in Asia. Famous people such as Richard Gere and many unknown others. Buddhism is pretty much accepted by all races and countries eccept by individuals who believe their religion is the only religion.
Hope you find what your looking for!

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Chinese Buddism Dance (the feitian dance)

2 Chinese Buddism Dance (the feitian dance)“feitian” is a character of Buddhism, the feitian dance is to impersonate the feitian girls flying in the sky.

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What is the difference between heaven and nirvana in buddism?

its confusing

Buddhist Nirvana (Sanskrit; Pali: "Nibbana") means "cessation", "extinction". The goal is to cease to exist and escape the craving & illusion and therefore suffering and the cycle of involuntary rebirths.[1] Some times this is also called "Enlightenment" but the term assumes a higher knowledge or understanding this truth. In Buddhism there is no person who is God, but somehow karma scores are kept and people repeat the cycles of life until they cease to exist in Nirvana.

Many religions have an idea of heaven. Most see it as a place of reward & of pleasure or place where can exist forever without pain or evil. So in heaven you continue to exist but do so in a much better place.

The one I’m most familiar with is Christianity. Here Heaven is a place where you can be in the presence of God and be free from sin & evil. For all those who choose to trust in God and his way they can spend eternity with him and enjoy a place with no more pain, disease, ignorance, hate, etc. This is the condition God originally made the heaven and earth to be, before it was corrupted with sin of Satan and mankind. It is the characteristics of God that make e The place of eternal separation from God is Hell.

What is Heaven like? –

Hope this helps.

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